Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi all! My name is Wendy and after running around in ambulances since 2009, I've decided to make the switch to my most favored and first love of medicine. Childbirth. For many years, through experiences of my own, I've been captivated by the act of creating, sustaining and delivering a child from the human body. I thought long and hard about going the MD route but it just doesn't suite my lifestyle and what I hope to bring to the midwifery community as well as what I want to give to my mothers. Even though birth has evolved into a medical event, it doesn't have to feel cold, sterile and mass produced. Birth is something that strikes the maternal in each mother and it's natural from them to want to feel close to the one they are entrusting to deliver their children into the world. Somewhere, communication broke down and people became numbers and American society accepted that way of handling their births... but not anymore. More and more women and their partners are choosing alternative birth options. A mother and her care provider should feel connected. I want to bring trust, security and intimacy back to the birthing experience and along the way, I hope to have the chance to change some lives.