Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC): refers to the practice of delivering a baby vaginally after a previous baby has been delivered through caesarean section (surgically). According to the American Pregnancy Association, 90% of women who have undergone cesarean deliveries are candidates for VBAC. Approximately 60-80% of women opting for VBAC will successfully give birth vaginally, which is comparable to the overall vaginal delivery rate in the United States in 2010.
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Homebirth (HB): A home birth in developed countries is an attended childbirth in a non-clinical setting, typically using natural childbirth methods, that takes place in a residence rather than in a hospital or a birth center, and usually attended by a midwife with expertise in managing home births.
Homebirth: Myth vs. Fact

Waterbirth (WB):  A method of giving birth that involves immersion in warm water. The immersion can mean giving birth to the infant in the water or using it as a tool during the labor process. Provides a less traumatic transition into the world for baby.
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