Become a Midwife

There are several options in becoming a midwife. First, you'll need to decide which type of midwife you would like to become.

DIRECT ENTRY MIDWIFE- A direct-entry midwife is an independent practitioner educated in the discipline of midwifery through self-study, apprenticeship, a midwifery school, or a college- or university-based program distinct from the discipline of nursing. A direct-entry midwife is trained to provide the Midwives Model of Care to healthy women and newborns throughout the childbearing cycle primarily in out-of-hospital settings. "2011 Midwives Alliance of North America."

NURSE MIDWIFE- A nurse midwife is an individual educated in the two disciplines of nursing and midwifery, who possesses evidence of certification according to the requirements of the American College of Nurse-Midwives. "2011 Midwives Alliance of North America."

In order to become a nurse midwife, or CNM, you'll need to go to nursing school first. For those that do not wish to go down that route, or go down that route right now, Direct Entry Midwifery is the option for you. There are two different types of schools for perspective students of this particular option. 

Distance Learning

In Classroom

Distance Learning is offered by several different programs, but look closely at the tuition costs fine print, each schools tuition and programs vary. Some schools require large down payments and others allow payment plans. But most importantly, be sure your school is accredited by the MEAC or, Midwives Education Accreditation Council. Without MEAC, you will be unable to take the NARM test (North American Registry of Midwives) for certification to practice. This can be a very costly mistake. All currently accredited schools are listed on the MEAC website.