Friday, May 20, 2011

I think I might have a hero here

I was surprised to read this article- Afghan Midwives Discuss Planned Parenting Methods with AF Medic
May I also add I was delighted? The first part of proper prenatal care is having proper care in general. How can a woman be expected to develop a health fetus when her own health was in question prior to the conception? I personally find myself thrilled in this development, not only from a birth and general maternal health stand point, but from that of a feminist view. I believe that women are equal to men, and they should be in every country, every culture and every faith. I can not support a view in which all people, no matter their gender or race are not equal. Women should always have absolute rule and authority over their bodies, having pregnancies back to back with inadequate nutrition and prenatal care is not good for the mom, the babies or society. There are many opinions on what benefits and harm have been brought to the war torn nations of Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of the U.S. invasions... and I find myself wondering what lie on each side of that chart myself... but today, this is definitely one of the major leaps. I think it's wonderful that these women are trying to find a way to be in better control and care of their bodies, while still adopting measures that will respect their cultural and religious beliefs. I absolutely admire these midwives, and the medics that have brought them these options.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonderful focal points

Message Pendants by Beth Cross

Helping a mother focus on something during labor is a wonderful tool of distraction to utilize. It can be anything, a pattern in a sheet, a picture on the wall or a spot on a shirt. If you can concentrate on something, anything... then you can better control your breathing through each rush. These necklaces are perfectly designed, they aren't offensive to the eye and offer a beautiful small red bead that stands out nicely against the silver disk as the perfect point to focus on. I personally plan on buying one as soon as I can and hope to use it at future births. I really love the 'breathe' necklace, I find I can apply this to more than just birth in my life!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Incredible birth art!

I was cruising the interwebs looking for birth related art. I stock pile links of the few things I find with hopes of filling my study with these incredible images. I stumbled across the website of an artist and birth doula, Amy Swagman and was so completely blown away by her gift of capturing the unique beauty of birth, I had to pass her along. Here are some of my favorites!

Midwives and Witchcraft

Did you know that midwives used to be burned at the stake as witches? That part of birth history has always fascinated me... the absolute fear and ignorance of that time frame and the senseless slaughter of thousands of innocents over simple superstitious accusation. I stumbled across a well written article on this very thing on another blog and wanted to share!

Witchcraft & Midwifery- Hoydens and Firebrands

Medieval Catholic Church misogyny regarded female sexuality the beginning of all mankind’s sin. Malleus Maleficarum* states: "When a woman thinks alone, she thinks evil."

*photo and quote borrowed from the authors website