NARM or North American Registry of Midwives regulates the testing needed to certify midwives nation wide for practice. This test may or may not be required for practice in your area, please check your local laws and statues of midwifery practice.

There are fees involved with this testing.

Fee Schedule

All fees must be submitted by certified check, money order, or credit card. Personal or business checks will not be accepted.
  • PEP Fee* $700
  • Certification Fee $700
  • Recertification Fee $150
Midwives who have previously passed the NARM Written Examination may subtract the fee paid for the examination taken from the certification fee. NARM Written Exams taken prior to 1995 will no longer be accepted for CPM Certification.
*The PEP Program was specifically designed to enable midwives to obtain certification by providing a mechanism for evaluating their knowledge, skills and experience.