Birth Support

I can not stress enough the importance of a Doula in your birth plan if you intend on having a natural birth.


What's the best way to protect my natural childbirth?
1. Hire a Doula!
2. Choose a Midwife for your care.
3. Deliver at a birth center or natural birth friendly hospital.
4. Birth at home.

Is giving birth at home safe?
- Stastically, homebirth is safer than hospital birth in the United States.

How can a Doula help me?
1. Hire a Doula!
2. Positioning Techniques
3. Water Therapy
4. Counter Pressure and Massage
5. Breathing, Vocal and Visualization Techniques

Why Doula?
If you've grown up in America, chances are you've heard that childbirth is agonizing pain. With  more and more women opting for an epidural, you might be asking yourself why you shouldn't be also. While it's true that childbirth may bring with it a certain level of pain, it's important to ask if these birth stories include medically augmented labors. Certain medical interventions, such as to help labor along, can multiply the natural pain of childbirth to something of this 'agonizing' level. The truth is, childbirth could never be more painful than we could tolerate or it would defeat our own evolutions. The natural experience can be incredibly rewarding, giving both mom and baby an experience that can only be felt without medical envolvement. Your Doula can offer you a wide range of techiniques to deal with the pain of childbirth, to help you and your body suceed in birthing the way nature intended.

How long have Doula's been around?
Doulas date back thousands of years, where birth began- at home. It was common in many cultures for a woman in labor to have a female birth attendant to support her during the birth and after.

Are the benefits of a Doula proven anywhere?
Doula benefits have been proven in piles and piles of research and studies to be absolutely benefical in a woman's birth process.
  •  50% reduction in the cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Wouldn't my husband or close friend/family member be enough labor support?
It's perfectly natural to consider the people around you during the intimate time of birth. We often feel the need to condense our circle of participants to only the essential during such a momentous life changing event. However, people that are related to you, deeply connected and/or love you in some way; can be more impacted by the site of you in discomfort than that of a neutral trained and unobtrusive presense with past experience in birth. Partners, family and friends are absolutely encouraged to be a part of a womans birth, but they should not have to carry the soul responsibility of providing support in an unknown situation to them where stress and fear may affect them as much as it would affect you. Doula's provide a gentle support and back up to not just mom, but those that love her as well! If Grandma to be or Dad need to take a break, your Doula can maintain your process without your labor being affected*.

What does a Doula offer? Isn't it expensive?
Each Doula varies. Some are only labor supporters, others are more adept to aid in the postpartum. Some may offer to take photos and help you store your placenta, other's may not. Their costs tend to be associated with their offerings. Standard Doula care of a nationwide average can range between $400-1000. Also, do not discount a doula in training, she may offer her services for free in exchange for participating in your birth which will help her toward certification.

Ok, how do I find a Doula?
DONA International
Find A Doula
Doula Match

What if I want something for my significant other to review?
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